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Ground Lights

Outdoor ground lights are suitable for a wide range of decking, brick, concrete and ground installation. They are designed to offer a seamless integration into pathways and decking or to provide soft contours on pathways or spotlight illumination. We have a complete range of easy to install LED ground lights as well as spotlights for bushes and trees and rounded walkover lights for grass and paths. 

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Firstlight GU10 Spike Spot - 50w Black

Firstlight GU10 Spike Spot - 50w Black

£58.66 Ex VAT: £48.88

Firstlight LED Drive/Walkover Light Graphite
Firstlight LED Walkover Light Stainless Steel
Firstlight LED Wall & Spike Spot Graphite
Firstlight Walkover Light Stainless Steel
Knightsbridge Extension Ground Spike Steel
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