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Rath's PR88 Skin Protection Cream / Barrier Cream 1L

  • Brand: Tegedin
  • Product Code: PR88
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £13.99

  • Ex VAT: £11.66

This washable Rath's PR88 Barrier Cream prevents dirt even reaching your skin. Moisturise your hands with Rath's PR88 Barrier Cream before working and it forms an invisible protective film which collects dirt and simply washes off after work. Rath's PR88 Barrier Cream prevents fingerprints, does not contain any preservatives, is biodegradable and extremely economical in use.

It protects the skin when working with:
  • Oil, grease
  • Paint, varnish
  • Graphite, soot, dust
  • Tar and bitumen products
  • Adhesive
  • Artificial resins, polyester
  • Silicone filler
  • Mineral fibres

Cleanses hands in an instant! Rub in pr 88 for protection against dirt before you start work. Dirt and pr 88 are simply rinsed off with water once you‘re finished.

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